Coal & Freight

On 4th April, 2017, JERA Global Markets (formerly JERA Trading Singapore Pte. Ltd.) (“JERAGM”), a subsidiary of JERA Trading International Pte. Ltd., which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JERA Co., Inc., (“JERA”), completed the acquisition of the coal and freight business of EDF Trading Limited.  

EDF Trading holds 33% of the shares in JERAGM and is proud to be a partner with JERA.

JERAGM is committed to ensuring continuity for its own and EDF Trading's customers in the coal and freight markets, and anticipates being able to deliver a broader and more competitive product offering as a result of its increased scale. JERAGM will be managed from Singapore with an additional commercial hub in London that will run its Atlantic basin activities. 

The trading team manages assets at all the key points in the global coal and freight chain.  The insights gained from these activities gives a clear view as to the way the market is behaving.  Such knowledge underpins the structured transactions created to help customers optimise their assets.

With coal terminals in the Port of Amsterdam in Holland, JERAGM has facilities for storing, blending and reloading which enables efficient service to customers across West, North, Central and Eastern Europe.  JERAGM’s office in Singapore manages the coal and freight requirements of its customers in Asia.

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