Environmental products

EDF Trading operates throughout the environmental products value chain managing a significant portfolio of CDM products and carbon services and weather risk management to EDF Group companies and third party customers. 

EDF Trading manages over 400 CDM projects around the world. 

Green Energy
EDF Trading is a leader in the sourcing and marketing of European renewable energy certificates, including the European-wide Guarantees of Origin as well as local scheme certificates such as Elcerts (Scandinavia) or Certificati Verdi (Italy).

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and Biogas 
EDF Trading is a leading participant in the North American RECs market and its services include the purchase and sale of RECs and Green-e Energy Certified RECs in the main US and regional compliance markets. It is a leading participant in the Californian and RGGI carbon markets.

In biogas, EDF Trading is able to support producers in transporting, storing and marketing their biogas.  It is also able to help biogas end-users in procuring biogas and monetizing it via RECs.

Weather Derivatives 
Through the application of derivatives EDF Trading helps EDF Group companies and third party customers assess, quantify and hedge their exposure to extreme weather conditions.  It also offers weather contingent options which address weather and power in combination to enhance the scope of the hedge.