Anahau Energy Strengthened Through New Partnership with Inupiat Energy and EDF Trading

Los Angeles, California-September 3, 2013- Anahau Energy (“Anahau”) announces an equity investment in Anahau by Inupiat Energy Partners (“IEP”) and EDF Trading North America (“EDFT”). Both IEP and EDFT will have participation on the Anahau Board of Directors and equity stakes in Anahau. Anahau Energy is a seven year old energy marketing and trading company located in Manhattan Beach, California, and will continue to be run by CEO Suyen Encarnacion Pell and Chief Operating Officer Theresa E. Gendron.

Anahau Energy is a leading Woman and Minority Business Enterprise (“WMBE”) in the energy sector and will retain WMBE ownership, management and control through this transaction. “The Company is now well positioned,” said CEO Encarnacion Pell, “to extend the financial, credit, and operational capabilities needed to provide certified MBE energy and services across multiple fuels and across North America. We are really excited about this partnership with EDFT, and what it will do for our company’s growth, but also in terms of breaking new MBE ground in electric power.”

John Rittenhouse, Chief Executive of EDF Trading added, “We are delighted to be partnering with Anahau and Inupiat. This is a great opportunity to invest in a diverse and well renowned business. We look forward to being part of Anahau’s growth in the MBE energy sector."

Anahau will have offices in Manhattan Beach, California and Houston, Texas. To learn more about the company, go to

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