EDF Group 2011 full year results

Solid results and commitments upheld amid a troubled environment

Excellent industrial performance

  • Increase in nuclear output: +3.2% in France, +15.5% in the UK
  • Record commissioning at EDF Energies Nouvelles: 692 MW of new capacity
  • Group EBITDA: +6.6%1, €15bn before TaRTAM-related charges €0.2bn
  • Net income excluding non-recurring items: +13.4%, €3.5bn
  • Net income - Group share: €3bn, x32
  • Net financial debt/EBITDA: 2.2x
  • A proposed dividend of €1.15 per share for 20113, equivalent to a payout of 60%
  • 2012: targets in line with the 2011-2015 financial outlook, confirmed by the Group
  • Dividend for 2012 at least stable compared to the one paid for 2011
EDF SA's Board of Directors met on 15 February 2012 under the chairmanship of Henri Proglio to approve the financial statements and the consolidated accounts for the fiscal year ended on 31 December 2011.

Henri Proglio, Chairman and Chief Executive of EDF said: "2011 was marked by solid financial and operating results despite a troubled environment. In France and the United Kingdom, nuclear generation exceeded targets, underscoring the marked improvement in operating performance. The Group will thus be able to invest in the aim of meeting major energy challenges in France and abroad. Through innovation in nuclear and renewable energy, EDF will support these French industries in their development. And in 2012, EDF, a responsible and ambitious industrial company at the heart of the economic fabric, will put innovation and human capital at the centre of its investments".

EDF Group 2011 full year results