EDF Trading achieves 15 top five spots in latest Energy Risk Commodity survey

Energy Risk magazine has published its annual rankings of the leading commodity traders in 2011.


EDF Trading attained three top spots and 15 top five spots.

Energy Risk received 1,567 valid responses for this year's survey. Participants were asked to vote for their top three commodity dealers and top-two brokers in order of preference in any category in which they had traded over the course of the year.

Top 10 dealers overall - energy (excluding metals)
No. 8 overall

Natural Gas
No. 8 overall

No. 1 UK - NBP 
No. 1 Zeebrugge (Belgium)
No. 5 TTF (Netherlands)
No. 5 PEG N+S (France)

No. 3 overall

No. 1 France
No. 2 Belgium
No. 2 UK
No. 2 Netherlands
No. 3 Italy
No. 3 Germany
No. 3 Spain
No. 4= Nordpool

No. 3 European weather derivatives
No. 5 US weather derivatives

Read the article and rankings from Energy Risk magazine.

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