EDF Trading and EDF Paliwa (formerly Energokrak) establish Joint Operations in Poland

EDF Trading and EDF Paliwa (formerly Energokrak) have signed an agreement to cooperate and develop a fully integrated coal and biomass business in Poland. The main activities of this new initiative will include procurement, logistics, operations and exclusive trading and optimization services for EDF’s Polish coal-fired power stations.

Effective 10th September, Energokrak formally changed its name to EDF Paliwa.

“Our new collaboration with EDF Paliwa will enable us to expand our market services to EDF and third parties in Poland. EDF has a strong presence on the Polish market and this initiative will allow us to maximize the value of its Polish assets through the utilization of our wholesale market expertise”, said John Rittenhouse, Chief Executive of EDF Trading.

“This cooperation presents an excellent opportunity for the EDF Group to strengthen its position in the Polish market”, said Adam Bocheński, Chief Executive of EDF Paliwa.

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EDF Group in Poland
EDF has been operating for 14 years in Poland. It is an essential player in the electricity and heat generation sector (using coal and biomass), but it also has a heat combined gas turbine in Zielona Góra. The EDF Group owns 12 companies: 7 generating companies, 1 company supplying fuels (EDF Paliwa), 1 energy trading company (EDF Energia), 1 shared service center and EDF Polska Centrala (coordinating operational activities). The EDF Group in Poland employs 3,500 workers. The biggest electricity and heat generator in Poland, EDF produces heat and electricity for the purposes of district heating in Cracow, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Zielona Góra, Wrocław, Siechnice, Toruń and Tarnobrzeg. In terms of electricity, EDF operates a large coal-fired power plant of a capacity of 1,775 MW in Rybnik. EDF is also the leader in biomass use for energy purposes in Poland (with 20% of the market). In 2011, the Group produced approximately 1.5 TWh of electricity from 1.2 million tonnes of biomass. In Poland, coal is the main source of electricity production (over 90%). EDF consumes almost 7 million tonnes per year, making it the second most important buyer of coal in the country.

About EDF Trading
EDF Trading is a leader in the international wholesale energy markets. It has its own portfolio of assets which give it the ability to source, supply, transport, store, blend and convert physical commodities around the world. These capabilities enable EDF Trading to deliver essential asset optimisation services, risk management and wholesale market access to the EDF Group and its third party customers, helping them to realise the value inherent in their asset portfolios.

EDF Trading is one of the largest participants in the global power, gas, coal, freight and environmental products markets. It is one of the top buyers of carbon credits from global CDM projects and has one of the most mature portfolios in the market. It is the largest importer of coal into Europe, a pioneer in the biomass market, a recognised leader in weather derivatives, one of the largest providers of market services to the wholesale gas and power sectors in North America with 23,000 MW of generation under management and the leading electricity trader in Europe.

EDF Trading is a 100% owned subsidiary of EDF, Europe’s leading electricity producer, a major player in renewable energies, a significant participant in the worldwide revival of nuclear energy with a growing presence in the natural gas industry.

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