EEX: Order book in Italian Power Futures successfully launched

Leipzig, 8 April 2014. The European Energy Exchange (EEX) successfully launched
the exchange order book for Italian Power Futures yesterday. The new Italian products
complement the existing Trade Registration service which enables participants to
register OTC trades on EEX for clearing via European Commodity Clearing (ECC).

On the first trading day, 48 trades with a total volume of 994,960 MWh were concluded.
Thereof 274,450 MWh were traded in the EEX order book and 720,510 MWh were
registered for clearing. Ten companies participated in exchange trading of Italian
Power Futures: A2A Trading S.r.l., Axpo Italia S.p.A., Danske Commodities A/S,
EDF Trading Limited, Edison Trading S.p.A., ENOI Power S.A., Gen-I d.o.o, Gunvor
International B.V. (Geneva Branch) and two other trading participants.

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