Paul Kitchen

Head of Environmental Products (London)

Team Member

What renewable products do you offer?

EDF Trading is an active participant in the renewable energy markets globally and we offer a wide range of renewable products through our offices in London, Houston and Singapore. We aspire to support our client base to achieve their objectives to consume energy from renewable sources in the regions where they operate. We offer support through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) such as Guarantees of Origin, RECs and I-RECs. Our global portfolio and market presence enables us to offer innovative customised solutions.

What is the most exciting advancement in the environmental products space over the past couple of years?

Companies are starting to voluntarily focus on their carbon emissions and practices to reduce their footprint and offset residual emissions. This is a big step forward towards a lower carbon world. The private sector has been taking the initiative in setting carbon neutrality goals in line with the Paris Agreement, particularly driven by shareholders and consumer pressure.

How do you see the renewables space evolving over the next few years?

It's only going to grow. The focus on renewable and low carbon energy is fast becoming the norm in society's approach to energy supply.