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We have a range of teams for you to choose from depending on your career path. Currently you can choose from roles in Trading, Risk, IT and Data.

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Teams you could work for

We have a range of teams for you to choose from depending on your career path. Currently you can choose from commercial roles (Power Trading, Gas Trading, Derivatives Trading, Origination, Analytics, Risk) or roles in IT and Data. 


  • image altPower Trading

    You’ll have the opportunity to join our power trading team who are one of the leading energy traders in the European power market. We have capacity on all the major interconnectors and across every significant national and international network. The team employ advanced technologies and data analysis to monitor trends, flows and price differentials to identify and capture market opportunities and better manage physical and financial risks. Requirements: You will need to be working towards an analytically based discipline (BSc Engineering, Maths or Science).

  • Gas TradingGas Trading

    Our gas trading team is one of the largest wholesale natural gas market traders in Europe. We operate on all the major gas hubs across Europe and neighbouring regions. Our services range from procurement, supply and logistics to contract management, portfolio analysis, pricing, hedging and reporting. The role will involve learning about storage and transport optimisation, option theory, FX trading and exposure to oil and US gas trading. Requirements: You will need to be working towards an analytically based discipline (a degree in engineering, maths, science or finance).

  • Derivatives TradingDerivatives Trading

    By using quantitative analysis and bespoke software our derivatives trading team helps EDF Group companies and our customers to optimise the output of their assets and manage market exposure. The team also helps to enhance revenue streams by evaluating and hedging physical risks over the short, medium and long-term. Requirements: You will be working towards an analytically based discipline (a degree in a statistical/mathematical/quantitative subject). Ideally, you will also have good Excel/VBA skills.

  • OriginationOrigination

    Our origination team is responsible for business development and structuring transactions. The role will involve supporting the origination team in developing new business opportunities, and following regulatory developments in the energy and environmental space that could have a commercial impact on EDF Trading’s activities.

    You will be working towards a commercial discipline (a degree in economics, finance, business, and/or energy & environment discipline). The team interacts with all parts of our business so you will require strong communication skills.

    Requirements: Good command of Excel, strong numeracy and analytical skills, and proficiency in more than one language are a plus.

  • AnalyticsAnalytics

    Our energy market analysis team looks at the fundamental dynamics of our markets developing models, conceptual frameworks and tools to create a market view for our trading desks. Our quantitative analysis team is responsible for pricing and structuring bespoke transactions.

    You will be involved in supporting the energy market analysis team in maintaining energy supply/demand models and providing analysis of energy prices and cross border flows, or the quantitative analysis team in implementing models into our derivatives trading system and undertaking model research including analysis of approximations and development of prototypes.

    Requirements: Working towards an analytical/numerical or quantitative discipline, strong command of Excel required, experience in VBA, SQL, Python, C++, statistical software packages, and/or linear programming advantageous.

  • RiskRisk

    Controlling risk is embedded into our operational practices to allow analysis of the risk in every transaction. Our credit risk team reviews and monitors counterparty risk and our corporate and industry risk exposure at a global portfolio level. You will be involved in validating pricing models and developing quantitative risk methods in our market risk model validation team or quantifying and modelling the credit risk across a diverse portfolio of energy counterparts in our quantitative credit risk team.

    Requirements: Working towards an analytical/numerical discipline, proficiency in Excel, VBA, SQL and/or MATLAB advantageous.

  • altIT and Data

    EDF Trading’s information technology department is responsible for creating the systems that power the company. EDF Trading leads the way in energy trading with its custom-built systems utilising the latest platforms and software delivery methods to make the most of trading prospects. Requirements for high speed and large-scale applications that can be easily changed are necessities and require excellent software engineering from analysis and design, programming to quality assurance skills. The IT department consists of two main areas: IT delivery (project management, architecture, business analysis, development and quality assurance), and IT operations (networks, infrastructure, desktops and communications).

    You will work with our IT delivery team that directly supports the trading desks so expect to become involved with various projects.

    Requirements: Working towards a discipline in computer science. Ideally, knowledge in any of the following technologies would be advantageous, but not essential C# or Java (ideally C#) SQL (MySQL, Oracle PL/SQL, SQL Server T/SQL or similar) UML or similar design modelling techniques.

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