EDF Trading is one of the largest wholesale natural gas market traders in Europe and a leading wholesale natural gas marketer in North America

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    Natural Gas

We provide a full range of services including
procurement, supply and logistics, contract management, portfolio analysis, pricing, hedging and reporting.


In Europe, we trade approximately 3 bcm of transport capacity annually, which enables us to maximise the advantages of locational basis movements for our customers.

Our customer base includes producers, generators, downstream aggregators and financial institutions and we have contracts with the vast majority of market participants requiring access services.

We also trade complementary markets such as FX, interest rates and oil which gives us greater flexibility to hedge embedded risks including time, price and weather.

We have a dedicated flow desk which brings together our cross-commodity capabilities into an easily accessible service; delivering standard market access across a range of volumes in both the short and medium term.



We are a leading wholesale natural gas marketer in North America.


In North America, we have more than 70 natural gas pipeline agreements extending throughout the USA, Canada and into Mexico.

Our global market access enables us to provide comprehensive structures to improve energy usage, maximise assets, monetise portfolios, manage risk and create additional value. We provide wholesale market access to North America’s leading commercial and industrial companies, power generators and energy retailers offering our expertise and coverage in the power, natural gas, environmental products, oil and NGL markets.

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Services and capabilities

  • Market access services
  • Procurement and supply services
  • Asset optimisation services
  • LNG tanker contracts
  • Access to regasification capacity at European terminals
  • International export agreements
  • Access to gas storage
  • Grid scheduling services
  • Pan-European interconnector capacity
  • Pan-European pipeline capacity
  • Nominations into the European gas network
  • Dispatch management services
  • Flow desk services
  • Intraday services 24/7
  • Bespoke structured transactions, multi-commodity, short to long term
  • Pricing analysis and modelling services
  • Hedging services
  • Weather risk management services


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