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    Compliance and Regulation

Compliance and Regulation

We work in wholesale power, natural gas, oil, LPG, environmental products and LNG and coal (through JERA Global Markets).

We are a strong and reliable counterparty with a solid financial base and excellent Baa3 credit rating from Moody’s. We manage an extensive portfolio of upstream and midstream assets and have many years of expertise hedging all types of exposures for our customers.

We are part of the EDF Group, a global leader in low-carbon energies.

We have around 800 people from all over the world connecting the EDF Group and our third party customers to the world’s energy markets.

EDFT is a trusted partner and is well established in Europe and Asia. We are a leader in the European power and gas markets and we operate on every major hub. We have extensive network connections and pipeline capacity and an in-depth knowledge of physical energy flows.

In Asia, we are partners with JERA Global Markets, a leading utility-backed energy trader operating one of the largest seaborne energy portfolios in the world.

In North America, EDF Americas is one of the leading marketers of gas and power, one of the main providers of generation services for power generation companies and a leading energy retailer for large commercial and industrial customers.

(SIGNED) COMBINED - EDFT Ltd Wolfsberg Questionnaire, KYC Info & Structure Chart

(SIGNED) COMBINED - EDFT Europe Ltd Wolfsberg Questionnaire, KYC Info & Structure Chart