EDF Trading is an active participant in the global financial oil markets with over 20 years experience in the oil and gas markets

  • Oil

We operate across all major trading hubs and provide oil risk management services to oil producers and consumers.

With a dedicated international team of traders and originators, we operate on all the major indices from our offices in London, Houston and Singapore; providing risk management and market making services on crude and distillate products to oil producers and consumers. We offer linear swaps, options and structured products including time, location and other optimisation opportunities.


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Services and capabilities

Financial products offered across the barrel:

  • Swaps, options and structured solutions including gas indexed formulas
  • Time, location and product spreads
  • Market maker, bespoke and longer dated products
  • Hedging services for new products and indices e.g. VLSFO, JCC, JKM


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