EDF Trading has been providing access to the wholesale energy markets since our inception in 1999

  • Market Access
    Market Access

Market access is our core customer service and we operate on all the important wholesale energy exchanges and broker platforms worldwide.

We have the agreements, licences, financial assurances, regulatory compliances, IT, business infrastructures and network capacities in place to trade anywhere and everywhere.

Our global footprint gives the EDF Group and our third-party customers access to over-the-counter (OTC), flow and structured transactions in a range of time frames (intraday, short, medium and long term).


Services and capabilities

  • Wholesale market access
  • Grid scheduling services
  • Interconnector and pipeline capacity
  • Flow desk services
  • Intraday services 24/7
  • Balancing services for gas and power
  • Virtual power and hydro plant services
  • Provision of energy credits and certificates
  • Bespoke structured transactions, multi-commodity, short to long term
  • Pricing analysis and modelling services
  • Price risk hedging services
  • Weather risk management services
  • Market-making for power and gas options


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