We are a leading provider of energy management services for power generators in North America managing over 32,000 MWs of generation and load nationwide. 

  • Generation Services
    Generation Services

We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to successfully navigate the changing landscape of power production, now and in the future.

Our Energy Managers work with owners to come up with analysis and creative solutions to extract value and optimize assets across all ISOs and bi-lateral markets in North America. 

Generation Services continues to dedicate specific Energy Managers to each client under Energy Management Agreements, delivering in-depth, customer specific coverage to help clients with all facets of their energy risk management, including daily market color, providing access to our trading organization, dispatch, scheduling, best-in-class IT enhancements, reporting capabilities and much more.

Our customers range from private equity funds to independent power producers, municipalities and co-ops that own generation facilities in the US power markets.



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