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  • IT and Data
    IT and Data

The energy markets are fast paced and adaptive and we need to be too. Developing, enhancing and innovating is a continuous process at EDF Trading.

Jean-Benoît Ritz, Chief Technology Officer

As energy markets become ever more sophisticated, we use the insights gained from our global activities to help structure our systems to ensure that our technology is relevant and easy to access for our teams.

Our in-house IT teams across the world are evolving our core energy trading and risk management systems. These systems support and manage the portfolio of products we trade from initial trade capture through to final settlement. 

Data driven developments are also being conceived in-house. Our data team is revisiting how we collect, store and analyse data.

We are modernising the way we do business by investing in systems, people and processes. We recognise that automation is key to maintaining a competitive advantage and keeping up with the pace of trading as markets advance.


In North America, SCADA and our specially designed portal offers plant data, market pricing and other important data at your fingertips.

Data drives your business decisions. At EDF Trading, we created a digitally integrated platform where data is used to find efficiencies, improve processes and extract more value from energy portfolios. 


  • ISO information in four second increments
  • Base points delivered directly from ISO
  • Plant operation visibility

Contact: houscada@edfenergyna.com

SCADA team

SCADA team


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