EDF Trading has established itself as a leading trader with a global presence in the international LPG market

  • LPG / NGLs
    LPG / NGLs

Our combination of shipping, derivatives and market analysis means we are able to respond quickly to opportunities that arise through ever-changing market dynamics.

We trade LPG worldwide, sourcing cargoes from the Middle East and the US, managing VLGC charters to deliver cargoes to key import regions.

We enhance our physical market access through a strong logistical setup, portfolio optimisation and hedging of price risk.



With a dedicated team of traders, originators and analysts, we trade a full range of derivative products covering LPG/NGLs and Naphtha.

We offer financial solutions to counterparties looking to manage their derivative positions and handle risk exposure.

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Services and capabilities

  • Wholesale market access
  • Global logistics
  • Terminal operations
  • Access to storage facilities
  • Pipeline capacity
  • International export agreements
  • Asset optimisation solutions
  • Hedging solutions


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