EDF Trading is a significant provider of renewable energy solutions globally

  • Carbon & Renewable Certificates
    Carbon & Renewable Certificates

EDF Trading is a major participant in the compliance and voluntary carbon markets and a significant provider of renewable energy solutions globally.

Renewable Certificates

Our products include Guarantees of Origin Certificates (GOs) in Europe, RECs in the US and International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs) around the world.

Our extensive coverage enables us to offer renewable certificates for corporates seeking to green the electricity they consume globally.

Our portfolio includes renewable certificates from all types of renewable generation such as wind, solar and hydro.

Offshore wind turbines in Teesside, UK


Carbon Markets

We are active players in the main carbon compliance markets in the EU, UK and the US. We support businesses around the world to achieve their environmental goals through the voluntary carbon markets.

In the compliance carbon markets, EDF Trading provides market access for EUAs and UKAs trading, as well as hedging services to meet businesses' internal requirements.

In the voluntary carbon markets, EDF Trading partners with various project developers to support the development and offtake of carbon credits upstream. EDF Trading also engages with each business or customer and offers bespoke solutions from our growing portfolio of carbon projects spanning different technologies, methodologies and geographies.

Carbon Markets


North America

Our North American energy management and scheduling services can be applied beneficially to optimise intermittent output assets including renewable generation and battery storage facilities. We provide a range of services such as output scheduling, dispatch, market analysis and hedging. We also source and supply RECs to commercial, industrial and retail aggregator customers. For more information on our North American renewables business visit Edfenergyna

north america


Carbon Markets Case Study: COP26

The sustainability report for COP26 was published recently showing the detailed plan of action taken to deliver a sustainable summit. EDF Trading worked closely with EDF UK and Her Majesty's Government to help deliver a carbon neutral event.

Carbon Offsetting COP26


Services and capabilities

EDF Trading has over 15 years of experience operating in the carbon markets and across renewable products and portfolios, providing access to: 

  • Compliance Carbon Certificates, such as EUAs and UKAs
  • Voluntary Carbon Credits including those under the CDM, Gold Standard and VCS Standards
  • Renewable Certificates including Guarantees of Origin, US RECs and I-RECs
  • Hedging services


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