EDF Trading is a leading energy trader in the European and North American power markets

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In Europe, we are well established having been in the market since our inception in 1999.


We operate across every significant national and international network and provide a comprehensive 24/7 service which includes physical and financial market access, flow trading, intraday and structured transactions, asset and cross-border optimisation and risk management. 

Using advanced technologies and intelligent data analysis, we monitor trends such as interconnector capacities, flows and price differentials to identify and capture value from the energy assets we manage for the EDF Group and our third-party customers.

For customers with renewable generation assets, we have developed intraday trading services and specialised price risk management solutions, to better manage the risk associated with the intermittent nature of renewable production output.

The Aigle Dam on the River Dordogne


We operate throughout the value chain in the North American wholesale power markets.


Our global market access enables us to provide comprehensive structures to improve energy usage, maximise assets, monetise portfolios, manage risk and create additional value.

We provide wholesale market access to North America’s leading commercial and industrial companies, power generators and energy retailers offering our expertise and coverage in the power, natural gas, environmental products, oil and NGL markets.

Find out more about our products and services by visiting edfenergyna.com

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Services and capabilities

  • Market access
  • Grid scheduling services
  • Asset optimisation services that capture value in CCGT, gas-fired, renewable, pumped storage and hydro reservoir plants
  • Competitive pricing for supply of power and power related products
  • Balancing services
  • Flow desk services
  • Intraday services 24/7
  • Virtual power and hydro plant services
  • Provision of Guarantees of Origin Certificates
  • Bespoke structured transactions, multi-commodity, short to long term
  • Hedging services
  • Pricing analysis and modelling services


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