EDF Energy Services

EDF Energy Services delivers customized single and multi-product energy solutions for large commercial and industrial consumers, power generation and retail energy providers. By doing so it helps its customers optimize their energy assets, manage risks, establish sustainable income streams and develop added value services to compete more effectively in the marketplace.

EDF Energy Services is focused on providing medium to long term, high volume supply of power, gas and environmental products to end user clients. The products can be supplied individually or within a structured multi-commodity agreement.

n addition to physical supply, it also provides risk management products, onsite generation services and demand response products to help our customers meet their strategic energy goals and compete effectively in the changing energy market environment. 

A lead originator is assigned for each customer account and is responsible for working with the customer and establishing the energy strategy. In addition, experienced energy managers assist with day to day management of scheduling, settlement, and legislative compliance. Market analysis and insight is provided on a regular basis by its fundamentals team. 

EDF Energy Services is licensed with the public utility commissions in most deregulated markets as a registered retailer and therefore has authority to sell energy products and deliver physical MW directly to end-user customers. 

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