• Diversity and Inclusion
    Diversity and Inclusion

Our culture

EDF Trading recognises the importance of attracting, retaining and developing diverse world-class professionals. We identify, foster and reward all talent, valuing and leveraging the diversity amongst our people to offer creative and innovative products and services to the EDF Group and our third-party customers. We have a culture that enables us to be forward thinking and agile and at EDF Trading, individuals can really make a difference. Everyone shares a common vision and a team spirit that encourages people to make things happen. EDFT is about working together, embracing the challenge and delivering exceptional customer service.

We continuously test our understanding and thinking through innovation and new ideas, anticipating and reacting swiftly to changes in our industry. We believe in hard work, but in a relaxed atmosphere and operate in an environment where innovative thinking is encouraged.

At EDF Trading, you will already find people from a wide range of backgrounds. Our people are vital to our continued success and our future depends on attracting and retaining the best individuals who think in a different way. It has a cosmopolitan mix of more than 30 nationalities and over 35 spoken languages which creates a rich diversity of talent contributing to its creativity and innovation.

However, we want to go further than this…

Our Diversity and Inclusion Agenda

As a company we continue to reassess and enhance our Diversity and Inclusion agenda to ensure we continue to be effective in attracting and retaining individuals with a diverse range of skills and thoughts. We are focusing on sustainable changes and improvements; we recognise that meaningful change will take time and our focus is on ensuring our progress in this area is successful in the long term.

So what does Diversity and Inclusion mean at EDF Trading? 

  • Promoting diversity of thought. Bringing together people who think differently from one another can create conversations that stimulate new ideas and drive efficiency.
  • Providing a working environment in which everyone can be successful and feels respected and valued. Our focus is on realising the full potential of our people and in turn our organisation.

In 2018, we set up a Diversity and Inclusion forum comprised of employees from around the Company to ensure our initiatives have an employee voice to increase our effectiveness and impact. We also continue to work with external organisations such as Inclusive Employers to gain expert advice on the most effective ways to improve diversity and inclusion within the Company. Our employees have undertaken unconscious bias training in order to improve recruitment and internal processes.