EDF Trading's joint venture partner JERA Global Markets has been awarded Excellence in LNG by S&P Global Platts.

JERA Global Markets Pte Ltd (“JERAGM”), a seaborne energy trading subsidiary of JERA Co., Inc. (“JERA”), has been awarded Excellence in LNG at the 2020 S&P Global Platts Global Energy Awards.

The S&P Global Platts Global Energy Awards are given annually by S&P Global Platts—a provider of information on the global energy market for over 100 years—to energy companies from around the world that excel in their respective fields. JERAGM received the award for its high-performance, strong innovation & flexibility and the development of numerous partnerships in the world of LNG across the last 12 months. JERAGM is also the first utility-based LNG trading company in Asia.

Kazunori Kasai, CEO of JERAGM said, “To support the growth of LNG, we have been working to increase liquidity in the Asian LNG market from the buyer's side. It is a great honor to be recognized for this initiative.”

JERAGM launched its LNG trading business in April 2019 and has achieved steady results through optimization transactions based on the large-scale flow and assets involved in supplying fuel to JERA and EDF. Its main goal is to increase security of supply and create value for its shareholders and third-party customers worldwide.

In addition to its Singapore headquarters, JERAGM also has branch offices in London, Tokyo and Baltimore and has more than 160 employees managing its global transactions.

On a daily basis, JERAGM seeks to optimize physical LNG flows and financial exposures by making full use of divertible FOB cargoes, its flexible LNG fleet, its access to various terminals, its knowledge of financial energy markets and its IT infrastructure.

JERA aims to be the global leader in LNG, for which demand in Asia is expected to grow, and will continue to work through JERAGM to expand optimized transactions and to develop its LNG value chain business.