Béatrice Bigois

Chief Executive

Béatrice Bigois


  • 2020 Chief Executive, EDF Trading
  • 2014 Managing Director Customers, EDF Energy
  • 2008 Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director, EDF Trading
  • 2006 Head of the Paris office, EDF Trading
  • 1994 Roles within Finance, Risk Management and Asset Optimisation, EDF Group

Board memberships: Edison S.p.A, JERA Global Markets

Supported by the Executive Team, Béatrice is responsible for the development and implementation of EDF Trading’s strategy in its role as the wholesale market interface; for the EDF Group and its third-party customers.

In her own words…

I am always trying to drive change, think ahead and challenge the business. I’m excited by our evolution.

As Chief Executive of a global trading business, what are the biggest issues currently facing the market?

For global commodities, this has been the most challenging market we have faced in over 20 years and, as an industry, we have and continue to be tested. At EDF Trading we are able to make the most of these conditions because we have the best people, a trusted and robust risk management platform and the support we need from EDF to enable us to perform.

How are environmental and climate change developments influencing the commodity markets? What will EDFT’s role be in a greener, low-carbon future?

Environmental policies are rapidly changing the way in which energy is produced and consumed. As a result, customer expectations are changing, which offers us real opportunities to develop new renewable products and solutions for the EDF Group and our third-party customers. EDF Trading is fully committed to the EDF Group’s raison d’etre and its commitment to reach net zero by 2050.

What motivates you?

The biggest motivation for me is to manage the unknown.