Summer Internship Programme

Applications for our 2019 Programme are now closed.

Our interns learn from experts, present to senior people and have real exposure to the business from day one. On this 10-week programme you will be based in a department that you feel best suits your abilities and ambitions, and working alongside some of the most talented people in the field. It’s a paid internship like no other.

The Programme


In 2019, we are inviting the most talented students to join us for our Summer Internship Programme in London. During your summer with us, you will be immersed in our business and given real exposure to our daily operations and activities. If you’re selected, you can look forward to a programme tailored to make the most of your talents, as well as a fixed salary.

Our programme allows you to apply for one of our departments that you feel best suits your interests and skill set, when you join us on your internship you will be working on real business projects and to help you settle in, you will have a full induction, and be allocated a buddy and provided with a full training plan. Over the course of the internship you will also have the opportunity to attend ‘lunch and learn’ sessions held by business managers on various commodities as well as business skills. 

At the end of your internship, you will deliver a presentation on your assigned project to a business panel. Impress here and you could receive an offer to return to EDF Trading on the completion of your studies. 

The programme will run for 10 weeks from July to September.

Application Process


In order to apply for a Summer Internship with EDF Trading you will need to:

  • Be in your penultimate or final year of study
  • Be on track to achieve a minimum of a 2:1 degree or equivalent in the UK
  • Have the right to work in the UK
  • Ensure you are available during our recruitment process and for the dates of the internship itself
Application Deadline 11 January, 2019
First Stage Telephone Interviews November 2018 - January 2019
Second Stage Assessment Centres January 2019 - February 2019
Internship Commences 1 July 2019
Internship Ends 6 September 2019

Our Departments

Power Trading

The Power Trading department is responsible for all EDF Trading’s commercial activities in Europe. Our Short Term Power team covers the French, German and Eastern European markets. Together they manage cross-border interconnector capacities as well as the intraday and day-ahead optimisation activities for the EDF Group in the wholesale electricity market.  

You will need to be working towards an analytically-based discipline (BSc Engineering, Maths or Science).

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Gas Trading

Our Gas Trading department is responsible for developing trading strategies and managing the execution of those positions covering the North West European Central and South Eastern European Markets. The team is responsible for utilizing strategy management techniques such as Stop Loss Limits, VAR and other analytical tools, assisting with processes to maintain effective coordination between trading and origination and provide commercial solutions for EDF group and co-controlled entities consistent with maximizing value for the EDF Group. The team also works with a 24 hour operations team to increase commercial knowledge and out of hours trading opportunities.  The role will involve learning about Storage and Transport optimization, option theory, FX trading and exposure to Oil and US Gas Trading.


You will need to be working towards an analytically based discipline; degree in engineering, maths, science or finance.

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Derivatives Trading


By using quantitative analysis and bespoke software our Derivatives Trading team help EDF Group Companies and our customers to optimise the output of their assets and manage market exposure. The team also helps to enhance revenue streams by evaluating and hedging physical risks over the short, medium and long term. 

You will be working towards an analytically-based discipline (degree in a statistical/mathematical/quantitative subject). Ideally, you will also have good Excel/VBA skills. 

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Origination is a commercial team that structures and closes bespoke energy transactions across energy commodities (such as power, gas, and environmental products), regions and tenors.  The role will involve supporting the origination team in developing new business opportunities for the company and following regulatory developments in the energy and environment space that could have a commercial impact on EDF Trading’s activities.

You will be working towards a commercial discipline (degree in economics, finance, business, and/or energy & environment discipline).   As the team liaises with all parts of the EDF Trading business, you will also require strong communication skills.  Good command of Excel, strong numeracy and analytical skills, and proficiency in more than one language are a plus.


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We analyse exposure to risks inherent in the wholesale energy commodities marketplace. Our energy market analysis team is responsible for developing models, conceptual frameworks and tools to further the understanding of short and medium term fundamental dynamics of the power and gas markets, developing market views and communicating analysis to trading desks. Our quantitative analysis team is responsible for the maintenance and development of our quantitative pricing libraries providing support for the structuring of bespoke transactions. You will be involved in supporting the energy market analysis team in maintaining energy supply/demand models and providing analysis of energy prices and cross border flows, or the quantitative analysis team in implementing models into our derivatives trading system and undertaking model research including analysis of approximations and development of prototypes. Requirements: Working towards an analytical/numerical or quantitative discipline, strong command of Excel required, experience in VBA, SQL, Python, C++, statistical software packages, and/or linear programming advantageous.

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Controlling risk is embedded into our operational practices to allow analysis of the risk in every transaction and enable its dynamic management. Fundamental to our control of market risk is the imposition of stop-loss, Value-at-Risk (VaR) and volumetric limits, complemented by additional techniques to assess the profit and loss impact of extreme movements in our portfolio’s underlying variables. Our credit risk team reviews and monitors counterparty risk and our corporate and industry risk exposure at a global portfolio level.

You will be involved in validating pricing models and developing quantitative risk methods in our market risk model validation team, or quantifying and modelling the credit risk across a diverse portfolio of energy counterparts in our quantitative credit risk team.

Requirements: Working towards an analytical/numerical discipline, proficiency in Excel, VBA, SQL and/or MATLAB advantageous.

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IT Delivery

Technology drives modern trading companies, providing rapid access to commodity markets and evaluating trading opportunities. EDF Trading leads the way in energy trading with it’s custom built systems utilising the latest platforms and software delivery methods to make the most of trading prospects. EDF Trading’s Information Technology department is responsible for creating the systems that power the company. Requirements for high speed and large-scale applications that can be easily changed are necessities and require excellent software engineering, from analysis and design, programming and quality assurance. The IT department consists of two main areas: IT Delivery (project management, architecture, business analysis, development and quality assurance), and IT Operations (networks, infrastructure, desktops and communications).

You will work within the IT Delivery working within the vertical teams that directly support the trading desks. You will be involved in providing EDF Trading with a competitive advantage through bespoke and vendor IT systems, which are critical to the operational foundation of our business processes and strategies. Expect to be given the responsibility to become involved with various projects and suggesting changes or presenting the results of your work which will aid the development of the company.

Requirements: Working towards a discipline in computer science. Ideally, knowledge in any of the following technologies would be advantageous, but not essential:

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  • C# or Java (ideally C#)
  • SQL (MySQL , Oracle PL/SQL, SQL Server T/SQL or similar)
  • UML or similar design modelling techniques