Jean-Louis Chaut

Senior Origination Manager (London)

Jean-Louis Chaut

At EDFT we have many years of experience in the wholesale energy markets, what separates us from our competitors?

Since we are part of the EDF Group, EDFT naturally operates very closely with EDF production worldwide as an optimiser and provider of market access services and risk management solutions. A deep understanding of the core business and objectives of various operators across the energy chain means we are in a position to design efficient solutions and practical approaches in the energy markets with our partners whether they are producers, suppliers or end customers.

We also operate across the whole spectrum of commodities, both physical and financial. We are therefore able to offer our clients and partners a one-stop shop where all their requirements may be met, including in the less liquid markets.

We pride ourselves on having a short decision making process with robust controls in place. In a volatile environment, we are keen to structure and execute transactions very swiftly in order to maximise client satisfaction. 

Why did you choose a career in energy trading?

In my view, the energy space is one of the most thrilling environments in which to work. Which other commodities are universally consumed with significant environmental, economical and social impacts?

The energy environment is in constant structural evolution, driven by technological developments, regulatory changes, evolution of usage, weather conditions etc, all of which need to be considered on a global scale. Energy prices as a result are very volatile and securing energy procurement costs for consumers, maximising the revenues of energy producers and crystallising the margins of suppliers is often critical. To that effect, the existence of liquid energy derivatives markets where a wide range of products can be traded, offers virtually limitless opportunities to tailor innovative risk management solutions.