Morgane Trieu-Cuot

Head of Derivatives (London)

Morgane Trieu-Cuot

How is the impact of your work measured?

The main measure of a trader’s work is profit and loss in relation to cost and the opportunity given by the market. Beyond that, we are also involved in many group partnerships so the feedback from various EDFT entities is also key. Feedback from my team is also paramount. As a manager I train people to become efficient traders and risk managers. It’s satisfying when the team is evolving and doing well.

What qualities do you look for in your immediate colleagues?

Honesty, especially when something is not understood, and the curiosity to ask questions and challenge what is being done. Resilience is necessary when strategies don’t work. We also need team players. As option traders, our activity almost never stops so we need strong back up to balance the workload in busy times and colleagues willing to share skills and knowledge.