Philipp Büssenschütt

Chief Commercial Officer, EDF Trading Limited

Philipp Büssenschütt


  • 2019 Chief Commercial Officer, EDF Trading
  • 2013 Chief Commercial Officer, Origination & Business Development, EDF Trading
  • 2010 Global Head of Origination, EDF Trading
  • 2009 Head of Origination & Business Development, EDF Trading North America
  • 2002 EDF Trading, Originator
  • 2000 Associate, Enron Europe

Board memberships: JERA Global Markets

Philipp is responsible for all aspects of EDF Trading's commercial operations. 

In his own words…

We are constantly looking for new markets, commodities and regions where we can apply EDF Trading’s proven trading and optimisation model.

Is EDFT looking to enter any new markets in the near future?

Yes, for example, we have decided to enter the recently liberalised wholesale Japanese power market as a logical extension to our global gas and power business.

What new commodities is EDFT looking to trade?

There is an increasing focus on green products as the world moves towards a net zero future. EDF Trading needs to adapt and react to this in order to take advantage of the business opportunities it presents. One focus for us is the 'green' market. We have established a new Green Fuels desk which will initially trade ethanol. In addition, we have created a dedicated Environmental Products desk which will focus on products such as GOOs, I-RECs, EUAs, UKAs and other carbon products.