Sylvie Billion

Chief Financial Officer

Sylvie Billion


  • 2021 Chief Financial Officer, EDF Trading
  • 2019 Chief Financial Officer, International Division, EDF
  • 2013 Chief Financial Officer and Head of IT, Admin and Sourcing, The Global Fund
  • 2010 Chief Financial Officer, Enedis
  • 2005 Group Treasurer, EDF
  • 2001 Finance Director, Risk Mgmt, EDF
  • 1990 Director Global Risk Mgmt, ABN Amro
  • 1983 Manager, Accenture

Sylvie is Chief Financial Officer and an Executive Committee member at EDF Trading, responsible for finance and operations.

In her own words…

I like to get involved in new and challenging initiatives which push the boundaries and make a difference.

Why did you choose a career in energy?

I didn't set out looking for a career in energy, the opportunity came as a result of my engineering background. I previously worked in the banking sector and was asked to bring my expertise to EDF as the company prepared for its initial public offering.

What personality traits do you look for in your team?

Firstly, I look for team spirit and a collective mindset, followed by curiosity and dynamism.

What are your three biggest accomplishments?

I'm very curious by nature and like to get involved in new and challenging initiatives which push the boundaries and really make a difference. One of my primary achievements would have to be setting up methodologies around risk management, which was something completely new to the banking industry at the time in the early 90s. I was also involved in EDF’s first retail bond issuance, just after the financial crisis and led the transformation of the funding and financial policy of The Global Fund, a major financial organisation focused on fighting pandemics. These were real challenges which needed creative, bold out of the box thinking to turn them into successes and fantastic opportunities for me to dive into.