Filippo Pirovano

Head of Power Analytics (London)

Filippo Pirovano

What is the best part of your day?

Early afternoon, that’s when we usually roll out new features to our models. It involves discussing with colleagues who have looked at problems in-depth and very often come up with novel solutions or facets we had never thought of.

What do you think the biggest challenges are for analysts at the moment?

Making use of the vast amounts of data nowadays available in power and of the many tools to analyse/extrapolate them. All the while we try not to lose sight of the physical aspect of things.

What does working at EDF Trading mean to you?

To me the biggest appeal of EDF Trading is that it is both a trading house and part of a utility. I like the no-nonsense approach to trading and the thrill of having to supply quantitative answers in a limited period of time. I also like that our senior team has the EDF mindset of relying on science, giving reasonable amounts of time for projects to come to results and ensuring adequate resources.